GERARD SENEHI is internationally recognized as a “superstar” mentalist. A master of telekinesis, thought reading, and telepathy, Gerard has been featured on numerous television shows in a dozen countries. Gerard can transport an audience from their everyday environment to a completely different dimension. Audiences know they have witnessed a one-of-a-kind event. He is able to bring people together to share in a rare experience of breaking limits and of real mystery that promotes a sense of possibility and creativity, having an effect long after the event has ended. Totally captivating and always sparking dynamic conversations, Gerard’s performances foster an atmosphere of engagement and openness that cannot be surpassed.

Expanding Possibilities Program

His “Expanding Possibilities” presentation weaves new insights and questions about possibilities ahead into one of the most entertaining and mystifying performances of mentalism today.

Through playful and captivating demonstrations of impossible feats, Gerard’s work disarms even the most resolute skeptics, leaving them curious and more open. Within this space, he inspires people to consider themselves and their world in a more expansive way. Download PDF: Expanding Possibilities Program

Corporate Entertainment Taken to the Outer Limits

For your special corporate event, Gerard Senehi is a corporate entertainer who can transport an audience from their normal corporate environment to another dimension.

Audiences know they have witnessed a one-of-a-kind event.

Is it Entertainment or Something More???

In corporate events, clients have made connections between Gerard’s performance and innovation, breaking limits, creativity, and being open to new possibilities. There has been no need to make contrived speeches about this connection, but merely to hint at it. The unexpected and captivating creativity, originality, and mystery of his mentalism makes the point in a very unexpected way.

Formal Shows

A Formal Show is ideal for a corporate event. It elevates a corporate event with the presence of something truly special and unique.

  • It gives everyone a common experience of a truly special event
  • It brings people together in sharing a rare experience outside their normal corporate relationships
  • It expands the audience’s view of what is possible
  • It promotes creativity and openness to new ideas

Corporate Events Up Close – Walkaround Shows

Gerard is one of few corporate entertainers worldwide to perform mentalism as walkaround, demonstrating many fields of the paranormal.

In a corporate setting, a walkaround show is ideal when the format doesn’t lend itself to a formal presentation. It offers a special up close experience of inexplicable phenomena for a corporate event.


“ some sort of religious experience
from the sixteenth century.”

New York Magazine